Theater – Evolution to great Modern Cinema(opinion)

Theater is one of the oldest form of entertainment since 1st century right from greek era. It is somewhat a cultural heritage for many years to come. Theatre has become integral part of most of the countries.

With the rise of the modern cinema with lavish & authentic production design, Theater has seen some dawn of dark. People has become more addictive towards the kinds of cinema with their high use of VFX and animation to showcases us new world.

Well, it would be good to see the different types of world or cinema but the feeling of relativity couldn’t match without Theater.

You may be unaware of the theatre. Theatre is a old traditional form of art since 1000 years using of a different types of costumes and mask.

Nowadays, It is a one hour or two hour continuous play on the wooden stage by the different types of the Artist and the actors using the set designs, music and lights to give a different effect on the stage with the linear or nonlinear story line to showcase society or people in its own perspective.

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